Play With Me

Before I start writing the review about this book, I would like to make it clear that this book (touted as India’s first erotic thriller) contains contents for readers above the age of 18. I hope that makes it clear that kids should not pick up this book read. So, this book by Ananth who is a photographer by profession, debuts in the world of literature by a topic that is a taboo by default in India – SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS. Does the book justify as per its advertisement? Here’s what I have to answer it.

Plot: Sid is a photographer by profession and one of the partners in a company by the name of Alpha. He lives a life of a loner, works hard to gain contracts along with his co-partners Roy, CD and Natasha aka Nat. He has an assistant Aanya _(reminds me of Donna in Suits) _who takes care of his appointments and office related work. At times he sleeps in his office. The story starts with the entry of a new intern by the name of Cara who is sexy (when I say sexy, it is much more than that) and let’s just say sexually “hyperactive”. She joins Alpha as an intern because she wishes to work under Sid _(‘under’ is a word with multiple meanings). _

The first time he sees her, he fantasizes about her in his dreams. The next day, Nat introduces Cara with Sid in a party and they end up having sex at her home. As time passes by, Cara impresses all the partners of Alpha through her valuable inputs in the photography and videography projects. She and Sid share many sexual moments before Sid meets an accident on the road. Nat takes good care of Sid on the road to recovery, thereby sowing a seed of relationship dilemma. Sid and Nat share an intimate kiss at New York. Sid becomes pretty unclear about his needs in a relationship. Cara satisfies him sexually yet Nat (who is already married to somebody for seven years) takes care of him as a lover does.

Sid takes a break from work and visits Goa. He reminisces of his past relationship with his family and his first romantic relationship that led to a breakup. Cara and her best friend Rhea plan an impromptu trip to Goa where the trio performs threesome. Sid though enjoys the sexual experience but is appalled after discovering the bisexual orientation of Cara. He remains confused about his relationship with Cara.

Sid returns to Mumbai, Nat calls him at her house and cries about her inability to conceive babies. Sid takes care of Nat as she had done in the past and then spend intimate moments with each other. Sid’s moral crisis increase as neither Cara nor Nat know about Sid’s relationship with the other woman. On the other hand, Cara talks about her past and her sexual exploits. She asks Sid to shift his base to New York.

What happens next? Who does Sid choose? The answers lie in the climax of the book. Maybe. Maybe not.

**My Take: **Alright. This book isn’t cheesy and pukey as Fifty Shades of Grey. And of course, there is sex in the story instead of a story in the sex. This book is enjoyable for readers interested in erotica. There is no other subject to talk about. In all, it is an okayish book and worth a pick only if you have no other books to read.

Peace, Poetry, and Power.