The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret

First things first, the author Christopher C. Doyle deserves a pat on his back for the improvement in his quality of storytelling. It’s no secret that his first book The Mahabharata Secret wasn’t as exciting as expected. In my personal opinion, I had even contemplated giving up his book mid-way. After reading his previous book, I was in two minds if I should read this book or not. Luckily the courage to read it paid off. I can easily say that the narration quality of **The Alexander Secret **is much better than his previous book.

Plot: This book is more or less a sequel to his book The Mahabharata Secret. The earlier book was about the protagonist Vijay’s brush with history related to Mahabharata and Ashoka The Great’s Brotherhood of Nine. This book talks of the escapades of Vijay and his group with the antagonists The Order by unravelling mysteries related to Alexander The Great and Mahabharata.

On the present day, few archeologists and historians are either being killed, attempted to assassinate or kidnapped by a group known as The Order. The reason it being the discovery of a secret journal written by Eumenes, the personal historian of Alexander The Great. The Order comes across a few pages of the journal and learn about a bacteriophage-retrovirus prototype that has the potential to grant immortality to humanity. Alice, the ex-girlfriend of Vijay escapes assassination during her excavation project of Queen Olympias in Greece. She flies to India instead of her home country USA. On the other hand, Vijay alongwith his friends Colin, Imran, Shuklaji and Radha get themselves into trouble with The Order by digging into a pharmaceutical company Titan Industries. Imran apparently survives assassination attempt while Radha gets (probably) murdered while trying to escape her kidnappers. Vijay travels alongwith the antagonist Van Kleuck to Afghanistan, Kazakhistan, Krgyzstan to decode the secret behind Alexander’s death.

The book ends in a way that points out to waiting for its sequel to release..

**My Take: **This story structure of this book is much better than its predecessor. But the sad thing is, one may need to read the first book to understand the background of this story. Even though only a few references related to their previous adventure have been made in this story but the reader may be compelled to refer to it for the better understanding of this book. The question is: Will I read the next book? The answer is: Yes. I will read the next book for the sake of bring closure to the story.

Peace, Poetry and Power.