Private India

First things first. Before you read my book review of Private India written by Ashwin Sanghi, I need to clear out two IMPORTANT things.

  1. I am one of the huge fans of Ashwin Sanghi, the writer.

  2. I am not biased while reviewing his books.

Cool. So coming back to Private India, it is a well-paced thriller co-authored by James Patterson. James has already written many books titled Private Series. A little bit of knowledge about both the authors.

Ashwin Sanghi already has The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key to his name.

James Patterson, according to my knowledge has written and co-authored 7 books earlier for Private series (I may be wrong about it).

Plot: Private India is a detective agency outsourced by its original creator Jack Morgan (an ex-marine), run by Santosh Wagh (ex RAW officer). He heads a team comprising Hari Padhi (techno-geek guy), Dr Mubeen (a forensic doctor expert) and Nisha Gandhe (investigator and ex woman police officer). The team investigates on unusual killings of women happening in Mumbai. Simultaneously, as the plot moves forward, they have to race against time to save the city from a terror attack as well as save Private Detective Agency from getting destroyed. A cult serial killer is on the move, killing a doctor, a newspaper reporter, an actress, a principal, an ace director, a politician, a judge, a fitness instructor and almost murders a police officer. The cast ensemble comprises of a terrorist trying to carry a deadly terror attack, a police officer investigating along with Santosh, a doctor conducting post mortem for police, a Don who has influential people working for him and under him and a self-declared godman. The killer, of course, has a habit of killing those women and leaving some trail deliberately to make the investigators understand the links between all killings. Each of these characters (protagonists and antagonists) have pasts, skeletons hidden in their closet (not literally, though). Almost every character is fighting off their inner demons which progresses the story further.

My Take: Honestly speaking, I wasn’t really sure of picking up this book because detective novels by India authors have been a let down most of the times. The only reason I wanted to read this book was Ashwin Sanghi. Thankfully, he proves me right for reading this book. He proves me wrong as well (I thought, Indian writers, are not good at writing detective related stories). A must-read book for detective series lovers and thriller lovers. Nobody has described Mumbai as brilliantly as Ashwin in a simplistic manner. Take a bow, Ashwin and James. Just two words for book readers… MUST READ!