About This Section:

A man is known by the company he keeps… _** … A wise man is known by the books he reads!**_

More than a decade ago, when I completed reading the first book from my school library, I thought I had more knowledge and information than the rest of the comrades in my classroom. What I failed to realize, was that fact that no matter how many books I read, the universe has left something more to learn that is unknown to me. This is how I cultivated the habit of reading.

Had it not been my dear friend and confidante Setu Shah, who helped me create a platform to share my favourite books worth reading, I would have never got a chance to share a few drops of wisdom from the ocean of books. This section consists of all possible genres like crime, fiction, thriller, romance and many more to be added with time.

I hope this section turns out to be helpful in increasing your share of knowledge, wisdom.

Last but surely not the least, I would like to add a quote through my personal experience:

The best thing that I have ever invested my time and money is not in stock exchanges but in BOOKS! Suddenly I find myself a little bit richer in terms of knowledge.

Happy reading!